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Greetings and thank you for the opportunity to connect and explore how my experience can contribute and add value to your company goals. With this letter I enclose some testimonies of my career and achievements as a bilingual professional who has led for over two decades different companies and projects including their strategic planning, marketing, sales, innovation, communications & digital strategies. Today not only am I looking for new challenges and opportunities to contribute to your company, but also, I have a major focus on sharing my experience and knowledge to contribute with Online transformation of other companies or professionals who feel, they can benefit from my experiences, in the related fields. As per the job opportunity you are offering, I firmly believe, my years of experience along with soft skills such as critical thinking, team building, innovation and passion in all I do, are a solid combination that I am sure would be an asset or added value, should you consider me part of your team. I am open to further know more about your goals and discuss how my contribution could benefit your business objectives in these challenging times, and help companies prepare for a better future. In the following links you can access with more detail my Resume & Q&A, also different achievements and aspects of my work in different businesses throughout the United States, Latin America, UAE & EMEA regions. 1. Personal Video Resume and Personal Q&A • 2. Online Personal Profile • • Two decades of business experiences in 30 different cities; 1 dozen countries; 5 different continents. 3. Digital Transformation Engine Platform, mostly over the Internet FMCG industry. • 20 years of experience in sales, manufacturing, marketing and expanding thousands of worlds known brands for hundreds of companies through the United States, Panama, Dubai & Miami, Duty Free Zones, mainly, and in the last ten years, China, Honk Kong & West European countries. 4. Experience with payment services over E commerce & Digital Platforms • Created, managed & developed, for 15 years, multi-currency payment systems over the Internet. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any more information. There is a lot more to see, just wanted to make it short, so it was quickly accessible and did not take too much of your time. Thank you for taking the time to read my intro. Gustavo Troncoso
A VUCA ENVIRONMENT SPECIALIST is a leader who specializes in working himself and others out of, situations described under the VUCA acronym. These leaders, front with courage, and suppressed, the circumstances that crush most people in business today. VUCA DEFENITION The “V” in the VUCA acronym stands for volatility. It means the nature, speed, volume, and magnitude of change that is not in a predictable pattern. Volatility is turbulence, a phenomenon that is occurring more frequently than in the past. The BCG study found that half of the most turbulent financial quarters during the past 30 years have occurred since 2002. The study also concluded that financial turbulence has increased in intensity and persists longer than in the past. Other drivers of turbulence in business today include digitization, connectivity, trade liberalization, global competition, and business model innovation. The “U” in the VUCA acronym stands for uncertainty, or the lack of predictability in issues and events. These volatile times make it difficult for leaders to use past issues and events as predictors of future outcomes, making forecasting extremely difficult and decision-making challenging. The “C” in VUCA stands for complexity. As HR thought leader John Sullivan notes, there are often numerous and difficult-to-understand causes and mitigating factors (both inside and outside the organization) involved in a problem. This layer of complexity, added to the turbulence of change and the absence of past predictors, adds to the difficulty of decision making. It also leads to confusion, which can cause ambiguity, the last letter in the acronym. The “A” in VUCA stands for Ambiguity, which is the lack of clarity about the meaning of an event or, the “causes and the ‘who, what, where, how, and why’ behind the things that are happening (that) are unclear and hard to ascertain.” Col. Eric G. Kail defines ambiguity in the VUCA model as the “inability to accurately conceptualize threats and opportunities before they become lethal.” A symptom of organizational ambiguity, according to Kail, is the frustration that results when compartmentalized accomplishments fail to add up to a comprehensive or enduring success.
Even though our recruitment system is not specifically design to recognize and measure our international experience, it is a very important ingredient in success this days, as we now live in a Globalized World, Digital Era. Unfortunatelly, our Schools and Universities teach us how to get "a Good Job" not look for a good business, much less go beyond our borders and try our abilities, our local education or knowledge, and learn from our elders (Ancient countries, ancient methods, that now proved themselves, very worthy). America is best country in the world, but there are many others out there, that would be able to teach us things we have not even seen or learned yet. Remember, we are a young nation, barely to centuries old. There are other nations out there with, three, four or five Thousand years of recorded history. Very young, while in my room, studying for collage, or relaxing from work, I thought many times of this fact. What if I could learn, before all my friends and acquaintances, those well sustained and ancient methods, that no one seems to know, much less, care about? What if I can foresee what was coming to us, and take advantage of that, for my own good and of my Community? Would it Work? Would it Give me an advantage? I was intrigued, I decided I was going to go out there and find out. Not to long after my decision was made to pursue international experience, I opened my fist Import-Export Business, and from there, the sky was the limit. At the beginning, many discounted the possibility that it would help. Many said it’s too dangerous, too much risk, too much of an expense. Heard thing like: China, India and others, are antiquated, ancient methods that doesn’t work, look at them, poor, old and non-working methods. But time, as it is not only a great healer, it is also a great teacher, an allay, and a sealed proof way to show everybody, thinking outside the Box, IS GOOD. We now owe China, a good percentage of our National Dept, India and China, both, are becoming world leaders, and their ancient system, we despised so much, has now showed us, that was the right way to go, no dept, controlled spending and saving money for future Generations. Is International Experience worth it? YOU BET IT IS. It was then and it is one thousand percent more important now. 30 years ago I believed in thinking out of the Box, and it worked. I was able to Semi Retire, at 56, just because I was able to anticipate, through all my travels around the world, that there were great and better upcoming systems that will help me, be on top of my field.
As I saw my father’s Discipline every day, and saw what a great life he gave us (privileged living in the 1% wealthy families of the world) there was something in my mind that did not click the right way; my father worked 18 hours a day, to give us that good life. I never saw my father growing up, he was always working, too busy and with many obligations and responsibilities. His system was work all you can, do not get in dept, and give it all to your family. Work for your family, and he did, all his life, gave us the best, but at a great cost: his time. His method was great, it worked for Mom, my siblings and me, we lived like Kings, but we never saw him rest, never give himself a reward, always faithful to family life and our almost perfect life. My grandfather, was another story. Self-made entrepreneur, good worker but much paced. Some years he flew to Europe (this is back in the 30th and 40th, when Europe was for the very wealthy), and some years he could not afford to go on vacation, it had been not such a good year for him, although by the looks, you could not tell. I had to make a decision which way to go. I was too young and had not tried either or, so started asking my father, if as soon as I got finished with High School, could he give me a Job, as he was related to offshore governments and very well known internationally. So, as I left High School, my father got me that job and I became one of many Janitors in a Convention Center, where five and ten thousand people events were carried on every week, and we needed to clean up for the next one. Hated my father for that back then, now I thank him from the bottom of my heart, as scrubbing toilettes, moping hundreds of thousands of square feet and leaving work for home at 8 to 9 o’clock, was eye opener. Saved enough to buy my first car and as soon as I got my license, left for good to never come again. That day I Left, I promised myself, that I was going to show my Father, I had a better way of making it in life, and that I was going to be better than most. That day I BECAME AN ENTREPENEUR, and never looked back. That day I decided I was going to put a price on myself and I was going to decide how much I was worth, not some else. I wanted to manage my time and make as much as I wanted, out of my time. If I was going to work 15 to 18 hours, like my Dad, I was going to be the one making all the money, not someone else, utilizing my time, while paid to survive, while that other individual, probably much less capable than me, was becoming a millionaire. I decided I was not going to pay for anyone’s great lifestyle, while sacrificing my time, my health and my family. Up to today, I have a deep passion to teach others how to get ahead. You see, 70% of the US population will never secure their families. You Know Why? Cause they spend their whole life, working their “AS.... OFF” to pay for the other 30%’s lifestyle. I think thru entrepreneurship, everybody has a chance to be, a part of that 30%, that will secure their families future, and work to benefit first, their own selves, and their own family.
What made me make the decision, (not me entirely, God had a part on it) to leave all my businesses, my lifestyle and my plans, and head towards a lateral direction in life, was the fact that, after 35 years of being in front of businesses, being a CEO and achieving an important level of success, i realized i needed a new challenge and that I had helped myself a lot, but not help others enough. There are very few things you can take with you, popular lingo says “you take nothing with you”, but they are wrong, you do take the most important thing in life with you: Your Experience. After we die, all we learned, all we know, all we have experienced, dies with us. What a shame, that so many years of experience, can not only benefit a few people, but that once we disappear, we take them with us. So, after o big battle with God and my own self, I left my past life and decided to share my knowledge and experience with others. Chose to Bless as many as I can, before I depart, and help them (as I think god help me) have a better than normal life, sufficient experience and knowledge to make it in life, and more importantly, pass it on to their descendants, and to the benefit of next Generations. I see and have seen, for many years, with great sorrow and great weight to my heart (believe it or not, as Businessmen are supposed to be heartless), that 70% of the population will work like horses all their lives, barely survive themselves, and end up leaving their kids or love ones, as inheritance, DEBT & DESPAIR. Every generation inherits more debt, more problems and more ignorance. Educational Systems are not well adapt for a fast changing world and our citizens are barely surviving, losing their health, very early in life, and dying before their time (most of them). I see people that work for 30, 40, 50 years, and because of basic ignorance, loose everything they have, in a resection, health emergency or work related problem. I see young kids getting out of High School and Collages, totally ignorant of what is coming and not at all prepared to face it. I see more single mothers amongst teenagers, rate of suicide increase dramatically and poverty rising, all over the world, except very few exceptions. I see Crime change its ways, also dramatically and Drugs, invade our communities, with no real solution on sight, I see a decaying world with no hope, no faith, confused and specially, ignorant of the real solutions and desperate and hungry to learn. I could not ignore that any more. As we get closer to our death bed (and it is everybody’s destiny, as we all begin to dye the day we are born) and at 57 it looks much closer and menacing, I realized that my best bet, since God had given me such a privileged life, health and opportunities, all my life, it was time to give some of that back. I must confess it was not easy, took me couple of years to make the decision, till in 2018, it was finally made. Is it WORTH IT completely changing your life style and Semi Retiring from a prosperous life of constant success and prosperity? YES IT IS, but only if you do it to go Bless and help others. God will greatly appreciate it, and you will see, even though very few will understand your decision, that for some time it will be hard and painful, but the rewards will be seen later in life and will be plentiful & eternal. For the right reasons, YES IT’S WORTH TO CHANGE DIRECTION IN LIFE, IF IT BENEFITS OTHERS ALSO.


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