Startup & Professional Experiences (1983 to 2018)

1990 was a great year for business. After careful consideration, and negotiating the adequate pricing for a new Semi-Armored Film, we started our first Franchise (the first High-Level Security Franchise in the World). Started in Miami and grew constantly until offices were placed on five different continents. The Franchise had a Royalty Free Franchise System, where instead of paying Royalties into a Franchisor (which produced no income and where a fixed expense to the business), the Franchisee was to commit to a minimum inventory purchase (whether he sold his last month’s inventory or not), that way, we assured steady income into the Franchisors, and obligated the Franchisee, to a constant sales and marketing effort. After the 911 attacks, when most security products came under heavy regulations, Glassguard Franchise was sold to an investor group in Saudi Arabia, and today, it still deals with high-level security products. 2016, Twenty Six years later, the second Franchise (Valenti® Sportwear by Carolina Troncoso, started operating & supplying products from Miami, Fl. office, and manufactured Sportswear under a proprietary Brand Label, (Valenti® Sportwear) and also manufactured under contract, to other privately-owned brands. Today it sells to over 150 different retailers, through half a dozen major wholesalers, to which we manufacture their proprietary Brand labels. It’s manufactured in China for the European markets and in Colombia for the Latin American markets
The import and export businesses commenced around 1992. Started with Glassguard Franchise Multinational Corporation, which exported Semi-Armored Film, all over the world. A few years later, after a Car Dealership Ownership and a wholesale and Retail Car Business Operation, Supercars, Inc, begun its export operation of NISSAN, FORD & Subaru, into Latin America. In Partnership with Bill Wallace (Wallace Auto Group, Today, in Stuart Florida), A new car Dealership was opened in Guayaquil, Ecuador, (as the country was opening its borders to importations, after 30 years closed), and for several years, exported & imported cars into this Latin American Country. 1997, after being contacted by the Latina American New Car Manufacturers, TP Cars Motor Company was formed and it became an intermediary company supplying, new cars, to dealerships all over Latin America. This went on until 2010, when the fluctuation of the US Dollar and the depreciation of the local currencies was so high, that the manufacturers decided to cut out the middle man and offer all their models, directly to the public. By the first trimester of 2010, Zona Libre Outlet Corporation was formed, to incentivize the Wholesale trade around the world, for the most important Duty-Free areas in the World (Mainly Panama & Dubai). The company exported, From Panama and Dubai, over 7000 different items, imported from Main Land China and redistributed to the local wholesale and retail markets. 2013, the proprietary software was developed, to interconnect wholesalers all around the world, with each other and suppliers. This software will provide sales and marketing services to wholesalers all around the world and complete the transaction by charging the customer and paying the supplier before goods are shipped to the buyer. It’s a completely new way to conduct wholesale commerce all around the world, from your smartphone, computer, or Tablet.
Between 1996 and 2014, after a direct solicitation from an important government figure, in Latin America, PGS Multinational Corporate Group, started offering (thru its subsidiary company; PGS Business Multinational, Lobbyist services in the Area. From Institutional and Financial Advice to bidding and contracting services, PGS offered a wide variety of services to the Private and public sectors. company was formed, offering all kinds of outsourced services from legal, contractual, banking and investment advisory, to Immigration, Asset protection, reorganization, and Financial Structure services, through mainly, Law Firms and Licensed operators in the Area. Over 5 Governments were assisted and hundreds of private customers from the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, to Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina. In 1987, the US Government called again, this time offering a position within the Federal Government, of Chief Procurement, in The Maintenance Division, of The Panama Canal. As an important High Ranking Executive position, and seeing it as a great opportunity at an early age (24 years old, at the moment of the offering) took the only position, in 35 years in Business, and became a US FEDERAL employee, working for The United States Government, managing and administrating, with a team assigned, over 500 million dollars, assigned by The United States Congress, for the operations and maintenance of one of the seven wonders of the world; The Panama Canal. After a couple of years at that position, on December 20th, 1989, the United States of America invades The Republic of Panama, and for those and other circumstances, occurring at that moment, I was forced to leave Panama and moved to Boca Raton, Florida, in March of 1990, as the first American Airlines flight was habilitated to fly home (as airport runway was repaired, from the bombing, from the US Government, during the invasion) and left that country. Later on, brought into the US, my first Panamanian wife, and two kids, I already had, while forming a family, during my stay in Panama, (3 years the boy and 1 month the girl), and in early 1990, started new Car Dealerships in Boca Raton, Florida.
By 1990, Supercars Inc., of Boca Raton Florida was formed, and a Luxury Car Dealership was formed to supply the South Florida Markets with high-end pre-owned Automobiles. After two years of operations, with the offering of a Credit Line, by The first Commercial Bank of Boca Raton, FL. (Years later, intervened by the FDIC) Supercars, Inc. started operating as a Mayor Wholesaler of Auction bought cars in most of the East Coast Auctions. Over 100 cars a week were bought from the different actions up north (From New Hampshire to Boston) and sold in Florida (from Jacksonville to Miami) in local southern Auctions. An average of 4 to 5 hundred cars was sold every month. During this same time, around 1994, Export Import operations began out of Delray Beach Florida, with Bill Wallace Dealerships, into Guayaquil, Ecuador. Hundreds of cars equally, were shipped to Ecuador, as this country opened its borders to immigration, after 30 years of immigration prohibitions. Both operations were sold, after TP Cars Motor Company, in 1996, was offered an opportunity to become an intermediary party in the new car sales of manufacturers in Latin America, to local new car dealerships, which started in 1997 and continued until the year 2010. Sixteen years later, was formed, under an offshore corporation, to run an offshore transportation operation compared to UBER & LYFT. This company is rand at the moment by a Board of Directors and is in BETA TESTING and set to start by 2020. This company is an extension, into South America, of another VIP transportation company ( and its intentions to reach massive markets, while serving the elite in other areas of Business.
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In 1990, as safety and security, for the everyday parent, family, and small business, around the world, was decreasing, the first high-level security franchise was launched, from Miami, FL. Created, developed and implemented, what was called; Glassguard Franchise Security Superstores. A brand new franchise with a brand new system of franchising (Inventory Replacement instead of Royalties) was created, to better help the franchisee, invest and prosper quickly. Exact system details can be found in the book wrote precisely about this new system, sold on ( check publications for more info). Franchise sold over 50 different specialized products and services, to the regular customer and, specialized equipment to Governments and Armed Forces. It was established in 1992 and spread around the world (, covering 5 different continents. After the 911 (World Trade Centre disaster) due to the major prohibition of the export of most specialized security products out of the US, it was sold to the Arab partners, who continue to run it, under the same franchise system, but thru a different structure. Now, 25 years later, as we see another big hole in regular community needs, another new franchise is being developed, to better serve the communities in desperate need of a fair and just mass transportation service., a RIDE-SHARE company is being tested, to appear in the market as a better and more customer/driver inclined service, with lots of new options and services. This company will complement the existent VIP Transportation Company ( and will help us cover, the entire spectra of the market and its transportation needs.
STARTUP EXPERIENCES. In 1983, while studying offshore, a good opportunity for the first business was offered, by the United States Armed Forces, stationed in the US Canal Zone in the Republic of Panama. US Armed Forced outsources, through a bidding system, the purchase and supply of small boats and automotive campers, to include, in the daily operations of the Panama Canal. Fibrotec, S.A. was created and won the bid to sell all these products to the Armed Forces stationed Offshore. It was my first self/partner-owned business, and it specialized in Fiberglass mold manufactured products. The company supplied the armed forces with 14 feet Boston Whaler boats for incoming ship rope handling in the Panama Canal and Fiberglass campers, for maintenance vehicles of the US Government. After a year of operations and over a million dollar in sales, the company was bought by a local Military Coronel and continued operating until the return home, (the year 2000, when the Panama Canal’s ownership, was handed to Panama) and the US Armed Forces station in that country, returned home.
In 1986, another offshore opportunity presented itself, as a similar place, Limei the French Quarters, in New Orleans, Louisiana, was created in Panama and seeing the opportunity of participating in the project, and with my father contracted by the Panama Government as, convention center builders administrator, we won the government bid, on a 20-year concession, of the spot inside this French Quarter project, and were assigned a spot, in one of the buildings that had the 500-year-old pirate jails, where a Mediterranean Style Restaurant was born (Las Bovedas Restaurant, Bovedas meaning Dungeons), abs established, administer and operated a full-fledge restaurant, at a very early age. One year later, the restaurant (and concession) was sold to one of the major real estate developers in the area, where it still operates, up to today.
In 1985, while running other businesses, the first Export-Import opportunity presented, as while on contract with an Offshore Company, managing their import-export operations, found that many big companies, let slip through the cracks, a good 10% of their customers, as they are not important to the general operation, and do not generate important income. Knowing the Import-Export Business owner, a proposal was extended to him, of letting those 10% customers, he did not care about, be serviced by a company set up for that purpose. After careful negotiations, PanaTransport & Trading was formed and took those 10% discarded customers (from this big company) and generated over 5 million dollars in sales the first year. As the US Government offer was in the table, by 1987, the company (or in other words; the 10% customers taken a year before, into this newly formed company) and were sold back, to their original owner, at a very substantial profit. PanaTransport & Trading became a multimillion-dollar sales company in less than a year of operations.
For the past 25 to 30 years, I have dedicated my life's interests towards working, creating, developing, and establishing businesses all over the world. From independent private efforts, Joint Ventures, and franchising, to develop and increment sales, manufacturing, distribution, finance and risk management, and even, a Wholesale & Retail Car Dealer in various Dealerships in Florida, besides; government and private sector negotiator. I have had the opportunity and have been blessed and to have encountered, dealt with, and learn, the most important areas of business all around the world, met great teachers, and met many great people. Here are some of the Experiences, abilities, and skills (which all required extensive Sales & Procurement Operations), which were developed through all those years of business. 1. Managed 20-year Duty-Free trade worldwide import & export transactions totaling over US.500M. 2. Established relations with 600 local/international Duty-Free companies with over 250k different products. 3. Created and expanded over 5 continents the first High-Level Security Franchise with zero debt. 4. During last 30 years, conceptualized, developed and established businesses in over a dozen countries. 5. Expert for over 15 years totaling Asset Protection and Investment Banking transactions US.400M. 6. Created and Founder of UNl-2 International Non-Profit that has, up to today, helped over 1 million people. 7. Expert Advisor, negotiator, and inter-mediator for six different Latin American Governments. 8. Expert in reducing operational costs and optimizing Business distribution channels. 9. Expert in Business Management & Intelligence. 10. Expert in Strategic Oversight & Prospecting. 11. Expert in Market Insights & Penetration. 12. Expert in Capital Raising. 13. Expert Financial Manager. 14. Expert Sales Multiplier. 15. Expert in International R&D. 16. Expert Negotiator & Closer. 17. Expert Leader & Team Builder.
Outstanding Business leadership in facility development, outstanding team formation, business intelligence, international business administrator. Capital Improvements, enterprise planning, overhead reductions, and overhead reductions and organizational processes in fast-paced private and public/government environments. Expert in Franchising and Franchise creator. Developer & Multiplier of Corporate sales. Expert Wholesale (Auctions) & Retail Car Dealer. International Car dealer, International Car Business developer exporter/importer. Expert Manufacturer & import/export operations. Expert in finance and risk management. Experience in Digital Marketing, Communications, Asset Protection, and International Branding. Energetic Leader and Self-motivated Executive. Widely recognized by executive decision-makers and thought leaders for comprehensive expertise in resolving complex issues, motivating top talent, implementing programs, guiding workforce planning, and helping to generate new business. Experience in establishing businesses internationally. Non Profit founder and CEO for over 20 years. Asset Protection & Consumer Reorganization Specialist. Expert Finance Manager. Expert Investment Banking. Expert P&L Management. Expert Investment Advisory. • Managed 20-year Duty-Free trade worldwide import & export transactions totaling over US.500M. • Established relations with over 600 local/international Duty-Free companies with over 250k different products. • Created and expanded over 5 continents the first High-Level Security Franchise with zero debt. • During the last 30 years, conceptualized, developed, and established businesses in over a dozen countries. • Expert for over 15 years totaling Asset Protection and Investment Banking transactions US.400M. • Created and Founder of UNI-2 International Non-Profit that has, up to today, helped over 1 million people. • Expert Advisor, negotiator, and intermediator for six different Latin American Governments. • Expert in reducing operational costs and optimizing Business distribution channels.



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