A child, with lots of ideas

Early beginnings, anxious to start in life! 

I was born in 1962, from a 100% Italian descendants Family. I was ready and anxious to go to School and learn anything that was needed to learn. Since an early age, I was eager to educate myself and started my education in the great Montessori System, which is still, one of the most advanced incubators for young visionaries.

Education, has been a very big part of my life. Even though I was not an honor Student, I developed a special attraction for knowledge and information. My father, amongst half a dozen other titles, became a part time educator, later a University Dean, and tought us well, the importance of a Great Education, not just 100% but, 160% effort, in all we set our hearts and minds, to do. Getting out more, than what everyone else gets, requires putting up twice, of what everyone else puts in. Work smart, not hard, my Grand Father used to say, back in the seventies, leave all that hard work, for other people, you where prepared, for better and bigger things. I have a lot to thank God for, as he gave me the best Father & Grandfather, in the world, Mentors, Smart Workers and strongly dedicated to Family Values.

Home Work
Intelligence & Perceverance

Years learning, trying & finally, success.

My passion for Business developed from an early Age. Once thought and liked being a Doctor and thought I was going to be one, but then, while attending Collage, I tasted the sweet flavor of business, and never looked back. Started my first small business in 1983, later, decided to try, and mix it with working for the US Government (US Department of Defense PCC), which faster than you can blink, propelled me even faster, in my desire to be, my own Boss forever.

Import • Export & Manufacturer

Manufacturer & Exporter from China to America, Importer/exporter from Panama to Dubai”, with first system for Wholesale purchases and payments, Online.

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

From Car Dealer & Exporter, to Race Car Driver, VIP Transportation services and lately, a Mass Transportation platform that will change the entire RIDESHARE business, as we know it.

Multinational Business Developer    

Had the opportunity to travel the world, experience dozens of cultures and created and implemented business all over the world.



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