Experiences not shown in detail, in my short ATS conforming Resume.   

AUTOMOTIVE • 1990 as owner and CEO, started in 1990 as a retail Dealership with a Showroom Located in Pompano Beach Florida DBA Autosports Motorcars. Started Auction buying and selling from New York, New Hampshire & Massachusetts and selling in Florida. After a Five Million Dollar Credit Line from FCB (First Commercial Bank) of Boca Raton, dealt in over 100 cars a week, until sold in 1996, to a foreign Car company who took auction purchases and exported all cars to Europe and Latin America. Over six years more than 10000 cars were bought and sold with a crew of one dozen salesman and employees. 1993 Started as an auctioned purchased used car supplier and escalated into a partnership with Wallace to export the New Car Florida Dealership to Guayaquil, Ecuador, where it opened in 1995 and exported FORD & NISSAN down to Ecuador, which was just opening its borders (closed for 30 years for new car importation) and sold hundreds of cars during the first year. The company was sold to local dealers, who have sold thousands of vehicles in the past 3 decades. 1997 CEO -Owner of TP CARS Motor Company DBA TP CORPORATION, FL. The company was specialized in wholesale purchases and sales of new and used US specs cars for export to Colon Duty-Free Zone. Supplier of card wholesale price to over 15 different dealerships from Mexico to Brazil. Also purchased cars from major auto manufacturers in Mexico and Colombia and exported them to the EU and UAE. Mayor player in transshipment of vehicles in Duty-Free on its way to new and used car dealers all over Latin America.TRANSPORTATION • 2005 as CEO of this company, my responsibilities are mainly supervisory and administrative duties, but overseeing every little aspect in detail. Maintenance, scheduling, contracting (equipment & personnel) team formation, and everyday operational structure, was daily supervised by me. Engaged in all legal aspects of the company & its operations. Negotiate and close all corporate packages for presentation to brokerage and sales teams. Oversaw all aspects of the financial management, administer P&L & ROI. Coordinate interactions with Public Transportation Companies. Personally, in charge of the security of the entire operation. Head of Marketing and creative media. Oversaw customer experience, government interaction (rules & regulations). Represented the company in negotiations with Labor Unions and employee organizations. Developed new standards of service, privacy, and confidentiality. Achieved the expansion of the services into over 12 countries. Controlled and coordinated all matters of growth, profit & effectiveness, and handled operations between our personnel (80-100 employees) and their interactions with all sides of the business, including; public transportation, travel agencies, hotels, restaurants & hospitals. 2013 • my responsibilities were from the creation of the new and improved business model to the creation of the legal and operational transportation company for a population of 50 Million. The creation of a well-detailed business plan to present to the auto manufacturers and participating banks, and the negotiation of a Fiduciary Contract to establish the Financial Management model, that permitted the inclusion of Taxi companies, Public (Bus) Transportation Companies, Railroads companies, and the mass transportation Subway companies. Design all Customer care platforms, interact with software developers and designers and structure a user-friendly system, that would be easy to operate, and customers could comprehend. Also had to establish direct relations and administer all marketing aspects of the company and its policies and employee workforce. Created a single payment method, that interacted with all forms of transportation passes (Subway Pass & Public Bus Pass) and coordinated the recharging of this pass with local businesses (Banks & Supermarkets), interconnecting all forms of public and private transportation, where the customer was never left hanging. The transportation structure created was applicable in any country, territory, or city around the world.
I have a program through UNI•2 NONPROFIT foundation that related closely with Merck, PFIZER, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, and other pharmaceutical companies creating operative and administrating programs to develop, place, introduce & market old and new products, to our members (over 1 million of them). Dealt with all these pharmaceutical companies for over a decade and know exactly how they work and operate, ROI & P&L. A as CEO I have directed over a dozen different business, in 30 cities in 5 continents around the world. For this reason, I do not need to have specific knowledge of the manufacture of drugs, having experience in the implementation, marketing, and introduction of old and new products into the market.Closely related to hospital operations and administration to ensure benefits for all the members of our foundations as well as the interaction between benefits and all prescribed and non prescribed medications.
For over a decade, almost a decade and a half, I was responsible for the management and administration of this company that provided support products, services, and advisory, to a variety of products and services, being the priority ones, Personal & Commercial Real Estate. My responsibilities were establishing relationships with dozens of outsourcing companies to support and provide products and services to customers coming from, investment banking, commercial relocation, immigration services, legal services, operational and real estate services, developer and promoter joint venture and services. Most of the businesses deriving from other companies that require extended attention to details from the contract or agreement derived from other negotiations were handled by this company. Responsible for every small detail in conjunction with the contracts that were agreed with our customers and depending on the specific needs, I was responsible for providing those services, all over the world, thru our sourcing the necessary people and companies to provide the service. It can be defined as a General Support & Administrative company. Responsible for excellence in Customer Experience and handling and all Real Estate needs.
For over a decade, almost a decade and a half, I have been involved in the creation, development, and implementation of SaaS, Cloud, and Data Centers in various areas of the world. From developing and implementing a worldwide wholesale platform for international interaction between the major Duty-Free Zones in the world to RIDESHARE • ENCRYPTION • TRANSPORTATION & JOB SEARCHING ENGINE PLATFORM fueled by AI. Still, today, invest and relate myself with a team of developers, Web Designers, Programmers, Coding Experts, data gathering, and data analysis personnel. Through the years I have formed a support team from India to Dubai from Latina America to Europe, that jointly with me, have taken over dozens of projects and are at my disposition 24 hours a day, for any consultation, project, or development. I get involved in every aspect of the creation including HTML5 programing, Design, CSS, FTP platforms, and cloud structures. In total, it is 15 years + of direct relations with the Creation of digital products and transformations.
Active Wear is manufactured by our multinational company in China, where we mass produce for big Department Stores and high-volume clients, under our trademark or their own, Trademark or Brand. Also manufactured-on-demand products including TVs, Computers, Refrigerators, and other household items. Since 2010, and until the company became legally established (2013), my areas of responsibility included the following: Business concept creation & presentation, Corporate and Legal Structure formation. Import and export regularization and all procedures. Contracting Manufacturing facilities (initially in Latin America, later in China) and oversee all aspects of manufacturing and distribution. In charge of all marketing campaigns and publicity and modeling events and demonstrations. Wholesale distribution legal contract negotiator and mediator. Digital presence and SEO supervisor. Being my wife’s company, I covered every aspect of creation, development, administration, and multiplication, including being a chief manufacturing officer and supervisor. Valenti Sportswear is designed with the idea in mind to unite the sales associate, thru a single piece of sports clothing with a new style of life and wellness, up to standards and desires never tried before.
My Duties and responsibilities as a CEO were plenty and in various countries simultaneously. Co-creator of the ideas of uniting the world’s duty-free zones with existing and new wholesale customers were responsible for the creativity and supervision of the creation of a patented proprietary software for this purpose. All this involved the following: Negotiations with hundreds of different companies for participation in the program. Create the legal structure. Create operational structure, multinational functionally, and banking services. Establish relationships with Banks, Chinese Credit Card related businesses to build our own CC processing company. Negotiate with SAP its participation in the program. Negotiate with both Governments and Congress the modification of the Original Organic Duty-Free Law to permit access of digital platforms into the distribution systems. Administer, co-create and manage the whole operation from Panama to Miami to UAE. First-ever world connection between over 2000 wholesale companies in Panama's Zona Libre de Colon (Duty-Free Zone), Dubai Free Zone (DMCC), and the rest of the wholesale business world. Only of its kind, ZonaLibreoutlet.com is the world pioneer concept of creating an online outlet for Duty-Free Zones, helping businesses get rid of leftover inventories, at reduces wholesale prices.
Created my first self-owned business in 1983 (while still in College) and another half a dozen businesses that were sold in 1989, preparing to go international and needed the funding to do it. 1990 formed PGS MULTINATRaton Florida. In the next 28 years. created, developed administered, and managed over a dozen different multinational companies in 30 different cities in 5 continents around the world. Business types were from Franchising and Financial companies to Investment banking to Internet payment services. Managed companies in USA • UAE • EU• Latin America • China & Hong Kong. Related with over more the two dozen of the most powerful banks in the world, including Emirates banks in the last 10 years (2008 - 2018) were our company managed and advised the VIP INVESTMENT BANKING department and its customers totaling billions of dollars in assets. Managed businesses in the most important areas of the world and got to know pretty closely their jurisdictions, tax advantages, legal systems, and ways of operations.
Dealing with over 2000 Duty-Free companies our company was responsible for all the logistics, distribution chains, payment services, and delivery of thousands of products every month. Most logistics were programmed within our software operations and kept well bases information of every daily movement of merchandise all over the world movement. Interconnected with the major shipping, airfreight, and truck transportation companies in the world. Coordinated this massive operation through our servers in Norway and learned and collected very valuable logistics information. Automized every minor and major procedure for optimum operation, data gathering services, and quick reaction for the customers' benefit and to keep our operating expenses low.
Created the first-ever world connection between over 2000 wholesale companies in Panama's Zona Libre de Colon (Duty-Free Zone), Dubai Free Zone (DMCC), and the rest of the wholesale business world. Only of its kind, ZonaLibreoutlet.com is the world pioneer concept of creating an online outlet for Duty-Free Zones, helping businesses get rid of leftover inventories, at reduces wholesale prices. Dealt with thousands of brands and studied closely their behaviors as they were sold and expanded through the world. Bought, sold, and created our own brands (and manufactured other brands for other customers) Wholesale and sold to Retailers hundreds of different brands and created a payment method for suppliers over the internet, permitting me to see the entire operation from manufacturing to the final customer. Dealt with brand rights and limitations and major world manufacturers and suppliers. 20 years of experience in major consumer products sold primarily wholesale.
My duties as a Financial Manager and Advisor were sharpened by the arrival in the United Arab Emirates. My responsibilities were divided into two major areas; Corporate & Banking Financial Advice (bringing customers to invest into the banks) and personal and VIP customer advisory (diversifying personal portfolios to increase productivity). Contracted by the local banks, my duties were to prepare financial presentations (aided by Financial Analysts), to attract investment, deposits, capital raising, and Joint Venture partners to banks and private investors in UAE. I was also responsible for the Lobbying and relationships with local Governments and elected officials and their indulgence in our operations. Once all was agreed, my responsibilities then expanded to other areas like relocation, immigration, and commercial permits and licenses to operate commercially (if that was the case) or personally (for wife and descendants). UAE Financial System is the most advanced financial system in the world. RPB Group Main Offices at Beverly Hills, California, is constantly in contact with the most important Financial Centers all over the world. With Representation Offices in Mainland China, London, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, and others, the company delivers a wide range of financial services to individuals, corporations, governments, banks, and institutions. Experts in Tax Optimization platforms utilizing the advantages of multi-jurisdictional systems. Experts in Investment Banking, International Investment advice, Joint Venture options, Asset Protection advice, Corporate optimization, and distribution channel management structures. P&L and operational expenses optimizers and reorganizational services. International connections, for fast action in sudden or emergency, life-changing decisions. Experts Multi-currency accounts, Credit Card processing platforms in China and the Orient and payment processing structures, and Escrow account handling.
Since 1993, at the opening and operation of my first seld owned business, Marketing, advertising, and promotion have been a constant in my business life. Using traditional advertising those days, we created a method to market and promote my first franchise all around the world. In the 1990ies, had a close relationship with the biggest and most influential publicity companies and created not only marketing campaign for our businesses, but also offered those services to hundreds of companies dealing with wholesale inside the Duty-Feees' airport Stores and Tourism industry. In Mid 1990ies we started our Internet marketing business outsourcing dozens of designers and programmers to service all the customers we had acquired in the last 10 years of business, who needed from SEO and Web Design to Database gathering and user-friendly systems. Structured dozens of internet products and services throughout outsourcing business and offered Campaign creation, advertising, and marketing services to companies within our network of businesses. Every idea and business structured by our companies was handled by our own marketing and advertising group, headed by me. I am a creator, designer, and implementation specialist using Digital Media STrategies in the past 15 years, from our commercial businesses to our NON-Profit International foundation


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