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I was always passionate about becoming successful & independent like my Father and Grand Father. I was taught early in life, that if you wanted to get more out of life, than everybody else, you had to put in more, than everyone else. I always felt I wanted to help others, as I saw how good life had been with our family, so in my teen years, I was confronted with a life-changing decision; what could I do that got me where I wanted faster, and help many others on my way up? The business was the answer; as my ancestors did, I developed a love for business and its effects on me and everyone around me. So, helped by my father initially, (who gave me my first job, as a Janitor, I must mention) I got the first taste of how long and hard it took everyone out there to support themselves (and most of them, their families) and decided, from the moment I finished saving and bought my first car, that my journey will never end and that I was going to show my father, I could make it on my own. Open my first business when I was 21 and from that day on, never stopped progressing, persevering, and passionately perusing my goals. From a Janitor to an International CEO in 30+ years, after many failures and lots of success, I finally showed my father, I could make it on my own, and help others, along the way. I am a passionate, persevering smart worker, who will always look for better ways to make things happen and has always been very passionate about sharing all that knowledge and experience with others.
My motivation comes from one single place; the fact that I am passionate about what I do, and the minute I find someone, some business or company that is doing the same thing that motivates me, going the same way I have always set goals towards or has the same vision of helping others while helping themselves, I get motivated. After 35 plus years of doing business locally and internationally, I enjoy that there are many out there, (companies and Individuals) that are like me, wanting to always keep doing something that they like to spend long hours into the night developing and wake up early excited to start again. Motivation in my case comes from inside myself, not something exterior. So as a self-motivated passionate individual, I just try to align my inner motivation with outer similar circumstances, and from there on, need no more, combining these two matching sides, has always been all I have needed to work and Thrive.
Before I get involved with something, I do my research, to make sure it plays a part in two of my main areas; Expertise & Passion. I feel that I have accumulated enough knowledge and experience, during my 30 year run in the business world, that it would be very exciting and beneficial, for all parties involved, to associate, work together, to share my experiences with & learn the new methods from, this new generation. I am passionate about working, learning, and sharing anything possible, that can make all of us live, in a better world and, my research tells me, this is the right place to achieve that.
Well, it’s a very decisive statement, we can all make, but very few, have the background to back it up, so might as well just tell it like it is. The truth is that I have done most of what business does daily and have done it very well, for extended and prolonged consecutive periods. Not only do I possess local experience, but also international experience, which helps me greatly, foresee what’s coming before it's here. I have a proven track record of business development, administration & management, and have, for over 30 years, many times lead, created and managed, excellent teams and working environments. I completely identify with what your business or company, is trying to get, and since, I have achieved those same goals before, it falls right into place, with what your company or business is trying to do today, so I fit right in. My different skills and areas of expertise, most probably fall right in place with what needs to be accomplished, and there is where my circumstances form the key element for success; Experience, Passion, and a strong desire to achieve all set Standards & Goals, for your company or business, I want so much to get involved with.
As I have mentioned before, the decision to have made a Lateral Move in my Career comes out of the desire to learn, shear, and find New Challenges, that motivate me to become even better and help more people around me. I want to get involved, at this time in my life, with strong, good values and enthusiastic group of people, with my same incentives and aspirations, and devote 24/7 to that company or business, being able to contribute and help them, get what they want. Same as I saw my own companies develop, grow, adapt, and thrive, all thru the world, and I spent countless hours making sure that happened, I want to dedicate myself to this new life project and see it thru until all objectives are met.
There were many, but one I especially remember, as the hardest to have accomplished. Early 1990, after some R&D and while living in Boca Raton, Florida, I decided I needed to go into the Franchise Business World, as it seems like that system had a better rate of success, but, to my view, was very expensive and not for everyone. Aided by some people I knew back then, and sort of influenced by events in my life, I thought of incorporating new areas into the Franchise Business (High-Level Personal & Corporate Security), no one has ever done before. I set to develop and organize, a new sort of different approach to franchising and created a new operational specifications manual for it. I then set to decipher the marketing strategy, pricing, obligations, training, and capital needs, to acquire a Franchise and prepared to launch it into the world. As a Financial Manager, being against using Commercial Credit Lines or debt (as repayment costs would have been too elevated), I set to get advice from those I knew, had the knowledge and experience to handle this startup. THERE CAME MY TOUGHEST CHALLENGE!!! All I heard from the “so-called experts” was this: It’s Impossible, Can’t be done, No one has done it before, It’s impossible without spending a fortune, No one successful, you or I know, has done it before, No one will buy it, It’s too expensive, You have no experience, You are too small, and the worst was; it is a terrible idea, to begin with. From there on, Glassguard Franchise Multinational Corporation became the First High-Level Security Franchise established in 1992 and grew into dozens of stores in 5 different continents, until sold to an investment company, in 2002. THE TOUGHEST CHALLENGE WAS NOT; the effort and time it took to sell and form, the fact that it was done with proprietary funds, the fact that I spent months and years traveling thru the world with 20-hour workdays, in new territories, the fact that many of those territories I did not even speak the language or even the fact that for ten years I barely saw my kids grow up, THE TOUGHEST CHALLENGE WAS; listening to everyone you knew and trusted, tell you, you will fail, do not even try it. Words are very powerful, they can build an empire or destroy it. Negative, ignorant, scared, uninformed, lazy, envious, bad intentioned, or just your most caring and loving best friend, will be the toughest challenges you will front, every time you want to separate yourself from the norm and become different, successful, or just, plain happy. Trust your inside voice, trust yourself, do your research, and do not ever let someone tell you, YOU CAN’T DOIT.
Since my early teens, as I have mentioned before, I was ahead of most of the people in my field, due to my early years' decisions, I developed, early in life a certain disgust, dislike or discomfort, with delegating to others, some of my responsibilities. Not that I did not do it before, cause I did, and there is where I found out, most of the people I delegated responsibilities to, were either, not capable, very slow, or not good enough. It seemed to me that no one was going at my pace and that delegating things to others, would slow me down. Later on, I was able to change my perception 180 degrees, as I visited Japan, Hong Kong, and the Orient, and realized, without a well-formed team of collaborators, every task I performed, was not only going to end up taking longer but also, would never reach the full potential, as there is no better goal accomplished, no better project completed and no better way of doing things, that with a well-structured and formed Team, with a strong Leader in from of it. Since those awakening days, I have changed immensely and there is not a single job or project, I even conceptualize, before I have formed a great team and have delegated and assigned all of them, their parts in the project. Not being able to delegate, was my biggest weakness, now, I can’t wait to see who will be participating in my team and start delegating, even way before it all starts, right in the planning stages.
My Biggest Strengths are divided into two different areas; Personal & Corporate. My biggest personal strengths are majorly Communications, Leadership & Perseverance Skills. My corporate strengths are concentrated in; Fearless Developer, Risk Taker & Goal Setter. I try to combine my personal and corporate strengths in everything I do, as I feel strongly that, they are generally, the Skill Set, anyone is going to need, if you want to be successful or, achieve any kind of success in anything you set to do in life. Anyone will have probably, either many more strong points or very specific ones, but in this day and age, no matter which other ones or many more, you have, if you lack the ones I just mentioned, the probability of success, is very slim.
The thing I am most proud about is that; since I set out to be someone or do something extraordinary since I had my first idea of what I wanted to do, I have accomplished most of it (or them) using “non-common practices or approaches, mixed my ideas and methods, with those already successful methods, and made them better. I am also proud, that in the process, I showed many others, how to do the same thing, without being scared of “what anybody, even love ones, would say about them”. I am proud of always having achieved, everything I set out to do, some took a short time, some took a very long time and some, I am very close to getting them done. Remember, you only lose if you Quit.
After being able to travel the world for over three decades and experiment with the different management and administrative styles, I formed a combination of what seemed to be the best areas of each definite style and created a combined approach to Management I call; TXT Management. This approach focuses on the formation of Teams per Tasks (TXT), under strict Leadership, backed up by “multilevel on the job experience”, (previously obtained by the Project Manager). It is, the fragmentation of the responsibilities amongst the person best qualified for each area, under a pre-agreed set of rules, goals, and responsibilities, which after managed and monitored individually, will eventually come together to achieve the main objective. This is very similar (not exact) to what has created such growth and success in most of the Orient. It’s a style of Management that involved permanent interaction amongst all collaborators, defines clear goals and responsibilities within all participants (workers), and gives each and everyone involved in the project, the same final objective, without cluttering their minds with every detail of the Project. I compare this to the Assembly Line in an Automobile Manufacturer; everyone has its place in the line, everyone specializes in what they do, and as a result, everyone can see the end product or objective achieved. Management is not of one, but many.
At this point in my life, and after being a CEO for over 30 years, it is easy for me to relocate to any location. My main objective in this Lateral Move in my career is not geographically based. I intend to find a New Challenge, one that tests my experience and abilities, keeps me excited again, about the accomplishments, and has a potential for me to grow, and make some company or business also grow, even farther than I have accomplished, before. It’s all about the Challenge and what that Challenge can become, in my next decade of productivity.


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